An illustration of an extinct animal distantly related to modern mammals. It has a turtle-like beak with a bumpy crest between its eyes, and a squat body with semi-sprawling limbs. It's covered in a speculative coat of fur, making it look like a pug-faced beaked guinea pig.

Geikia elginensis, a dicynodont synapsid from the Late Permian of Scotland (~254-252 mya). Known only from a single skull discovered in the 1890s, it would have measured around 50cm long and was closely related to South African forms like Bulbasaurus.

It had an unusually shortened snout and forward-facing eyes – sort of like a pug with a beak – and a pair of protruding nasal bosses on its snout. It was probably a selective browser, biting off small pieces of vegetation at a time, and its large eyes and stereoscopic vision suggest it may have been nocturnal.

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